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I have had a long bumpy road since I had my PBM February 2010… many complications, many surgeries, many tears. In March 2011 I had my implants replaced due to grade 4 capsular contracture. My surgery was harder on me than I had anticipated and so was the pain, but everything seemed to have gone well and my surgeon was happy with the results (admittedly she said I would need some tweaking). One side seems to have behaved nicely the other side is a little more rebelious!

So I find myself asking when is enough ENOUGH?

I feel like my life has been on hold since I started the surgeries,  simply existing and not actually living, so I have decided that for now Enough is Enough and I am going to try and find me again and not the scared lonely person I have been.

Here’s to the road ahead, may it be a bump free exciting ride!


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