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I’m having one of those days when all you do feels like it’s never enough, ok more like I’m having one of those months. I feel like I give 100% on the things that I have going on in my life, it’s not like I want an award or anything but a little recognition would go along way.

I’m feeling a little down about something that I should be totally happy about, but can’t shake the sadness of not being good enough to be asked to do the job myself. I know you have no idea what I’m on about but the fact that I am getting it out is good enough for me!

So I will carry on the way I was before I heard the news and keep on keeping on…!!


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Somewhere over the rainbow

For my darling Aunty who was like a Mum to me.

Dear Mum

Hard to believe that it’s coming up 6years since you left us, hard to believe that your not coming back, hard to believe you’ve actually gone at all. I remember standing in your hospital room after you had passed, the single white rose resting on your chest, I remember thinking how the hell was my life suppose to continue without you, how the world could carry on without someone so precious as you in it. You were such a shining light in my life, such a wonderful role model, such a wonderful friend. I miss you so much it aches my heart.

You would be so proud of me, I can hear you saying “that’s my girl, you do what you’ve got to do for you, you have to live your life”. I can see you in my daughters eyes, she is so kind and generous and as loving as you. I only wish that you had gotten to meet her, although I’m sure you did somehow.

I’m so thankful that you knew how much I loved you before you died, and I’m glad I got to be with you in your final days. Not a single day passes that I don’t think of you, you will forever be in my heart. As I type this tears springing in my eyes I can hear you saying “I love you” and I wish you can hear me saying back “I love you too with all my heart” somewhere over the rainbow


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